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Interface VideoFile

Datatype explaining what is needed to play a video file with frame accuracy.


  • VideoFile



Optional channelCount

channelCount: number

(Default: 0) Channel count of the first audio stream in video file.

Optional dropFrame

dropFrame: boolean

(default: false) If time codes should be represented with drop frame.

Optional duration

duration: number

(Default: undefined) Duration of video file in frames.

Optional enabled

enabled: boolean

(Default: false) If multiple files loaded, enabled decides which one is selected.

Optional frameOffset

frameOffset: number

(Default: 0) Frame offset to add to time code for file. Ex: setting to 1, will cause api.getCurrentTime(TimeFormat.TimeCode) to return 00:00:00:01 for the first frame of the video.


frameRate: FrameRate

Frame rate of the video stream in file.

Optional label

label: string

Optional human readable label for the file.


src: string

The source url to the file.

Optional videoStartOffset

videoStartOffset: number

(Default: 0) Start offset in seconds for the starting point of the video. Ex: setting 1, will cause video will start at 1 second in and api.getCurrentTime(TimeFormat.Frame) will return 0.